A Comprehensive Review of All Seven Colors of Dubble Bubble Gumballs

Someone had to do it. Someone had to step up. It had to be done. Shut up, yes it did.

Photo by InstaWalli on Pexels.com

This is one of the photos that came up when I searched for “gum” on the WordPress stock photo gallery. I thought I would share my confusion with you. Maybe the cat is named Gum? Maybe there’s gum in the plastic thing hanging from the ceiling? Is that gum in the glass case to the right? Looks more like cigars or….

Let’s move on with the review!


Banana-ish. Soft and delicious for three minutes. Is now becoming the consistency of a gym shoe.


Grape Triaminic. Juicy. Began to solidify in less than 30 seconds. Flavor wasn’t even gone yet.


Wow. Wow. This seems to be what an alien thinks blue raspberry tastes like. Nothing in real life tastes like this. Seems to have instantly transformed into one of those blue gum erasers artists use, except it tastes worse.


This is the flavor of… sugar? Failed coconut? Coating is a bit crispy. Highly resistant to chewing.Taking a break. Jaw hurts. But must continue on to maintain journalistic integrity!


This clearly wants to taste like an orange. I am chewing a broken dream. Feels like sand is in there. Wow. 30 seconds and its so hard I can’t make my top and bottom molars meet without grinding. Didn’t even notice when the flavor vanished.


Exterior looks mottled. Flavor is… what is this? Not apple. Not watermelon. The bitter aftertaste makes it difficult to tell. Chewing for three minutes and it’s still soft. Perhaps poor flavor increases softness? Gum feels… warm. Is that normal? Rigor kicked in at 7 minutes. Now my mouth tastes like I just chewed a balloon.

Last gumball. Sides of my head hurt from chewing.


Mother of God. This isn’t an aftertaste. It’s a before-taste. I could taste it in my nose before my mouth. Makes my throat feel raspy. Slight coughing. Juicy, but somehow caustic. Instantly solidified. Have to take breaks every 5 or 6 chews. Jaw muscles are throbbing. This could be it….

Overall Score…

8 out of 10. Will chew again. 🙂


Productivity vs. Writing About It

I love stock photos. I typed “busy” into the WordPress photo library and I got this guy. This guy is nailing the busy look. Too busy to shave. No time to look at the camera. He’s totally ignoring that coffee he paid good money for. Hell, he couldn’t even finish walking across that bridge he’s on! He had to stop halfway across to check that important email. He is so busy. We can only hope to one day be as busy as this clearly important, busy man.

My fancy new blog is getting stale already. Here I am, all excited to share about what keeps me productive… But I’ve got so much to do that I’ve been neglecting my shiny new toy. I just wanted to assure you – my five readers – that I fully intend to throw more content on this page. My brain is full of schtuff. Just keep in mind that one of the tags of this site is “madness,” meaning I can write about whatever the hell I want. You’ll want to keep that in mind when you see the Vanilla Ice item below. 🙂

  • A video review of the Bullet Journal Companion app for Android
  • Frankenlite – A lite version of Frankenlog created by Smitha SP from the Minimalist Bullet Journals group on Facebook!
  • A primer on how I integrate Bullet Journaling and the Getting Things Done methodology of David Allen
  • Why “Ice Ice Baby” is the worst/best rap song ever
  • Busy vs. Productive
  • My total organization system (This one would take a bit. Might do it in parts.)
  • Being a lefty
  • A comprehensive review of all seven colors of Dubble Bubble gumballs
  • Production vs. Consumption
  • Random impulses to write… Like this one!

You know what’s a waaaaay less interesting list? The list of things I’m actually doing instead of the fun stuff above. You know… yes. Let’s subject you to that list as well, shall we?

  • Preparation for a CARF survey of the agency I work for. They’ll be here in a month.
  • The quarterly Utilization Review report that’s due Wednesday morning. I came in early today to work on it but now I’m hanging out with you. I am a vanguard of prioritization!
  • I’m 3-4 chapters behind the reading for my master’s program.
  • I’m 3-4 chapters behind the skimming of chapters for my master’s program.
  • Planning CPR training for 70-ish staff members.
  • Starting the planning process for the IABH annual conference to be held in Missouri this year (no biggie – just a huge project I don’t understand yet)
  • Actually going to yoga and sleeping something like 7 hours a night.

Still with me? You awake? I sure am. I just added a tick to my “panic tracker” in my BuJo Daily Log after writing out that list! But I did it for you, faithful five readers. You’re so very welcome.

My reality is the second list. There’s really no reason for list #1 to exist if I start ignoring list #2 in order to write the blog, knowwhatImean? So alas, the blog must remain second fiddle. Maybe I should have a posting schedule or something. Hmmm… getting fancy now.

Stay tuned for my upcoming series in which I review stock photos!