About me

Hi! I’m Brian Hazard, CADC, CODP I. (Look at all those letters… It’s like soup!)

I’ve been studying productivity and organizational techniques ever since discovering the amazing book Getting Things Done by David Allen a few years ago. I am constantly trying out new systems and experimenting with ways to get more productive and efficient. When I was diagnosed with adult ADHD in 2016, it answered a lot of questions and gave me some direction on what I needed to learn next. Then in October of 2018, I discovered Bullet Journaling and its amazing community.

My incredibly busy life is a blessing, and I think it probably qualifies me to talk about productivity and organization.

I’ve worked in the field of substance use disorders (addictions) since 2006 and I am currently the Vice President of Clinical Services at The South Suburban Council, a treatment center in Illinois. I am on the Illinois Association of Behavioral Health committee for Addiction Mental Health Practices and (thanks to COVID-19) I am on the IABH Telehealth subcommittee. I am also a former President of the Southwest Coalition for Substance Abuse Issues. I am working on a graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, so after working all week in my full-time job I spend my weekend at my year-long internship at a behavioral health hospital (BTW, being VP at one building and an intern at another is… weird). I love to teach, so in summers past I worked as a subcontractor for Asmodee Games, demonstrating Fantasy Flight Games at Gen Con (can’t wait until we can have conventions like that again). I am a person in long-term recovery from using any drugs or alcohol since 1997 and I continue to interact with others on the same path. I have been mentoring others in recovery since 1999 and am currently mentoring 7 men. I also infrequently travel and speak for recovery events

For fun, I am an avid tabletop gamer and amateur singer/guitarist who dabbles in video/audio editing. I like making small, metal models (Metal Earth – so cool) and putting together nice, wooden organizers for my board games to live in. In addition to running this website and interacting regularly in the Facebook groups, I also run two small YouTube channels – Game Spasm (for gaming) and this one (for everything else). Last year, I decided to combine the rules for my favorite 4X game and its expansions into one giant, easy-to-reference, 52-page Master Rule Book which I continue to update… because I didn’t like juggling the books while playing. 🙂

In-between all of the above, I fit in meditation, journaling, weekly self-help meetings, and a monthly men’s meeting – all while continuing to experiment with other forms of self-care.

While I look very organized and productive on the outside, I’m glad you can’t see what it’s like inside my head! I continue to be challenged just like everyone else, and I keep exploring and experimenting with the tools that can help make me a better Brian.

I have a beautiful wife of 17 years (Jenny), two sons in their twenties, a noisy cat named Malcolm, and an adorable pooch named Kaylee, and a troublesome mad dog named Kit.

I created Frankenlog to meet my own needs, but I made Frankenlog.com to see if I could help others meet their needs as well. Let me share my experiences and discoveries with you!

About My tools

These are the things that keep me moving in the right direction.