Frankenlog’s First Year

And so ends another year. Put it in the back with the others, Frank. We’re moving on to bigger and brighter things. I mean, c’mon – 2020 sounds SO futuristic! We are officially living in the future. 42 more years and we’ll catch up with George Jetson. Hell, Marty McFly went home five years ago.

You Guys kick ass

I’m humbled by how good this website did in 2019. I had no idea people could be so interested in bullet journaling and planning. You guys are nuts! Check it out…

You guys came to the site 49 THOUSAND TIMES! I’m not even selling anything! And almost 20 thousand peeps visited the site. Unreal. The best month was last January when the site first opened.

Feeding Frenzy!

I say it’s humbling, but if we’re being honest, I neglect this poor site. Here is my shameful post schedule for 2019.

What is that – 12 posts all year? Shame!

When I started telling friends how good the site was doing, they said that same thing you’re thinking now. “Dude, what kind of money are you making off that!?”

Let me show you.

None. The answer is none.

I turned on the ads for the site thinking that I might be able to recoup the cost of the site. No dice. My very best month was August, when the site served up 12,542 ads and netted me a cool $2.42. I decided that it wasn’t worthwhile to make you look at ads so I could get roughly two-hundredths of a cent per ad and I turned them off. WordPress doesn’t pay out until you hit $100 so I imagine that 10 bucks will be sitting there for eternity.

I love that I’m able to see so much info. It tells you the busiest months…

And the average per day.

I guess June was hump month.

But the most interesting info was about you and what you liked. Here’s every view based on country of origin!

Frankenlog – The official spread of the United Nations

As I mentioned in a previous post, Germans dig Frankenlog. The UK is no slouch though. France and Canada are up there, too. The list is actually huge and contains sooooo many countries – even countries with only a single view. One person in Zimbabwe visited, but maybe that was just a misclick. 🙂

This stuff is so cool! Wanna see how you got here?

No surprise here. Most of you heard about Frankenlog on Facebook and came to visit. But I kind of love that 21 people came here from Habitica, a website that makes habit-tracking into a role-playing game. I have no clue how that’s related to Frankenlog but right on, man. No judgement here.

Here’s the search terms used to get here.

Wait… bullet journal alastair? WTF???

And here’s which links you clicked on.

If I were to click on that Etsy link, it would show all those clicks going to the MoxieDorie ruler page. That chick should be paying me royalties! Looks like the official Calendex site got a lot of love as well (you’re welcome Eddy!).

So what’s new in 2020?

Not a damn thing! Hey!

I’m starting a one-year internship that I can only do on weekends since I work full-time. I’ll be rocking it 7 days a week for the next year, but I hope to keep you entertained every so often. Thanks so much for visiting the site, and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see me write about (or mock – I will happily mock things).

Welcome to the future! Now get crackin’!

4 thoughts on “Frankenlog’s First Year

  1. 😅 that was a lovely read.
    I hope you have a blast this year.
    Be kind to yourself with such a busy schedule. Have fun!


  2. I suppose that the Vanilla Ice thing will sleep with your 10 bucks for eternity, then 😭
    Thank you for this interesting review, I ‘ll keep on Frankenlogin’ this year, wish you the best, send you kisses from France (and no “French kisses” that are not the same 😆) and go to my youtube’work…


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