Sometimes Bad Things Just Happen

This coronavirus pandemic is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. When confronted with something so unprecedented and so complex, it’s easy to apply blame and suspicion. But we should resist the urge to draw a line between our confusion and a “conspiracy.”

Many of us are justifiably scared and angry, so we start to look for the mastermind who is pulling the strings. After all, humans are pattern recognition machines. We may not realize it, but it is more comforting to believe that there is a reason behind all this, even an evil one. It would mean that someone – even if it’s an evil someone – is in control.

It’s far harder to accept the possibility that no one is in control of it. That there is no secret reason behind it. That no one caused it, planned it, or unleashed it.

Sometimes, bad things just happen.

We are better off using our energy to process the challenging feelings we’re experiencing as a result of this legitimate crisis. We’re supposed to be feeling this. It’s okay to be scared. This is a historical, global event that will change our lives forever. Let’s spend our energy on supporting ourselves and each other rather than lashing out at shadows.

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