Frankenlog in Germany!

Okay, so I’ve always known that Germany really likes Frankenlog. It’s true! Just look at those stats…

Sure, the UK is a close third, but the numbers don’t lie – Germans dig Frankenlog. I was so pleased today when I got tagged in Instagram by Lisa, a lovely young lady in Germany who has decided to give Frankenlog a try for September. She featured Frankenlog on her YouTube channel, Simply Lily. How exciting! We’re going global, baby! Check it out.

Now, I don’t speak German, so for all I know, she’s saying, “Frankenlog is ridiculous. I will now prove that it is awful by using it in September and watching it fail.” BUT I DON’T CARE! All I know is that “Franken Log” is on someone else’s YouTube channel (yes, she spelled it funny in the listing but so what, shut up). SO COOL! The best part is here at 2:36 when you get to hear Frankenlog pronounced in a proper German accent… Maybe the way it was always meant to be. She also says my name, so now I feel like a rock star.

Super Tag!

Also, we need to talk about Lisa’s Star Days. Do you know what Lisa in Germany calls her Star Days. SUPERTAGS. Amazing. I’m filled with butterflies and happiness and candy bars right now. SUPERTAGS! And the way she pronounces it – I just love every single bit of this. I feel like I need to show my Dad, like I’m in the fourth grade or something.

I have no idea why this is so exciting, BUT IT IS. Make way for the hype train, people! And a big thank you to Lisa for putting Frankenlog in your video!

4 thoughts on “Frankenlog in Germany!

  1. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t call her Stardays ‘Super Tags’…
    Those definitely are Super Tage! 😉
    Just discovered Frankenlog today, and I’m going to start my 2020 Bujo with a Frankenlite January spread…


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