FutureFrank – A Frankenlog Future Log!

If you're a fan of the Frankenlog system, take a gander at this Future Log spread created by Thalia Sawatzky, a fellow member of the Minimalist Bullet Journals group on Facebook. I'm so impressed with the way she took the system and ran with it. Here's Thalia to tell you how she found Bullet Journaling … Continue reading FutureFrank – A Frankenlog Future Log!

Frankenlite GTD – The Newest Frankenlog Monster

Guilty as charged! I haven't written in... Well, let's not talk about that. I started getting friendly harassment messages asking when I was going to write again, so enough already! You win! Let's talk about the newest Franken-freak. first things first - what is GTD? This post would get very long, very fast if I … Continue reading Frankenlite GTD – The Newest Frankenlog Monster