Future Log Gallery

Know what you need? You need a Future Log!

The best part about Bullet Journaling is the variety and variation within the community. So I asked people to give me examples of their future logs and I put them together into this nice little gallery for you to peruse.

Wait… What? You don’t know what a future log is for? Ridonkulous! Take a gander at this here official BuJo page and scroll down till you get to the Future Log section. Ryder uses less words than I do and he’ll tell you what it’s all about. The examples you see on this page look a lot different than his – that’s the point! Variety is the spice of BuJo!

So without further ado, get to scrolling!

First spot on this list goes to our lovely BuJo Pirate Queen of the best Group on Facebook! Clean, concise, to-the-point. I’d expect no less from our fearless minimalist leader.
(Noukka Signe)
Another lovely minimalist spread, but don’t get comfy… It’s gonna get colorful up in here.
(Valela VasatiLela)
Mmmm….. Donuts…… A year-at-a-glance to let you know when you’re busy.
(Bekah Metz @bekahbujos)
Bekah gave me two. The first one was for glancing, but this one is for the nitty-gritty.
(Bekah Metz @bekahbujos)
Hell if I know, Bri! But I’m sure we can find out with your lovely, vulgar, color-coded gem of a Future Log! (Bri Kearney)
Some folks don’t mess around with a basic Future Log. They just make a spread for every month of the year right away. (Carrie Sasville)
Ooooo… Noir! If Bogart had a BuJo, this would be his Future Log. (Clairey Fairey)
Stink at tiny writing? Don’t bother! All the benefits, half the work! (Danielle Bencina)
A full year on a single spread, with room to write. (Elisa Bisignano)
Smaller… SMALLER I SAY!!! (Ella Ma)
I’m a “one book, one pen” kind of guy, but I’ll admit that this Future Log is pretty slick.
(Emily Twedt Albrecht)
Worst spelling ever! Unless of course you’re Estonian – then it’s fine. This reminds me of a comic book. (Ene McLaughlin)
Another from Ene. Still kind of comic-booky, but a bit more minimal. (Ene McLaughlin)
SERIOUSLY cool. It’s like a psychic illuminati Advent calendar! I’m sure that’s what she was going for. (Jessica Roberts)
Not artistic? A little washi tape can go a long way. (Josefine Svelle)
Bold and iconic. (Kari Lutters @kari.plans.stuff)
Another full year fit onto a single page, with a little color to boot. (Katie Hutton)
Artsy but spacious. (Kira Rasberry)
Ah yes, the ProLog. This came into being as a result of my failed experiment with ditching Google Calendar. There’s a whole entry about it over here. (Me)
Good ol’ FutureFrank! More about this here. (Thalia Sawatzky)
Here’s an older one from Thalia. Basic, but with flair. (Thalia Sawatzky)
Themed but clean. (Mande Ballew)
I don’t know what you call this color theme but I’m digging it. (Melinda Whiteman)
Really well done here. Great drawing at the top with juuust a splash of color.
(Nakita Cunningham @kitasbujo)
Loving the details on the flowers. Quite nice. (Rebecca Derichsweiler Carrillo)
A playful and artsy spread. (Rébecca Lesage)
Sweet font and a sweet pen. Each month with a little spot especially for birthdays. (Susan Gately @bujo_suzie)
Is it just me, or do those calendars at the top remind you of those sliding number puzzles? I dig it. (Ta’Shandra Bradley @thekocholatejournalist)
And last but certainly not least… I just realized that the ol’ Alastair Method was not properly represented here. Had to get it in. (Me again)

there you have it, folks!

Hopefully you found some inspiration for your own Future Log in one of these spreads. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to the gallery – now get back to work before someone sees you scrolling pics at work!

One thought on “Future Log Gallery

  1. I’m wondering which one is the best for you now.

    In one of your YouTube videos you said that the futurefrank didn’t works but I don’t remember why.

    That would also be nice to explain why you use the one you use and why you don’t use the others.

    For me, the hardest part is to stuck with the same layout because I continually try to optimize my layouts. I use the frankenlog as a monthly log since 4 months and I don’t have anything that I can say negatively and nothing to add to be better. Now, the final part is having a future log as nice as the frankenlog both for the visual aspect, the pragmatism and the fun to use.

    Thanks again to give a man touch in this girls community 🙂


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