2 thoughts on “Dad died. Here’s how my Bullet Journal helped me through.

  1. Yes, I am so sorry for your loss.

    I began my bullet journal journey as a way to make sense of the “heavy lifting” portion of my mother’s death almost five years ago. I agree 100%. It is a tool and can and will be exactly what we need it to be. All of the detritus and details are still crammed in that first journal, I didn’t “reflect” or deep dive into what I was feeling. I didn’t need to. It is a bare bones record of what was happening at the time. It is now priceless, to me.

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    1. I love this. And I agree. This BuJo has become priceless just because it was with me when Dad died, not because I managed to unearth some personal truth through deep exploration of self. Just because I was sad when I wrote in it, and the future versions of me will always know that when I look at it.
      Thanks so much for chiming in. 👍

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