Page Threading Your Bullet Journal

Honestly, this sounds a lot fancier than it is. I keep picturing some sort of elaborately threaded string that runs through the journal, allowing you to give it a light tug that opens your book to exactly the right page every time. It’s not that – but it’s close!

Best I can tell, page threading was an idea that I believe came initially from Kim at and amplified by our BuJo Prophet himself, Ryder Carroll. Page threading takes the utility of an index and ramps it up to 11.

“These go to eleven…”

I have been using page threading since the very start of my BuJo adventures. It allows a collection to take up a bazillion pages while still making them feel like they’re closely connected. Much like the bullet journal method itself, page threading is a simple concept yet it opens up so many possibilities and frees my brain from worrying about space in my journal. I hate having to plan out spacing when I’m using my BuJo. Page threading accommodates my desire to freely use the “next blank page” whenever I want.

For a very basic explanation of how to use page threading, check out my quick little YouTube ditty below. If you really wanna unlock the power of page threading, go read Kim’s excellent post about page threading at her site, Tiny Ray of Sunshine.

“Unlock the power of page threading?” Really, Brian? Sounds like I’m trying to get you into my pyramid scam…. Anyway, click those links! I’ll see you fools on the interwebs. 👍

One thought on “Page Threading Your Bullet Journal

  1. I was threading lab notebooks long before bullet journal came on the scene and it makes even more sense to do it with the bullet journal than lab notebooks. Very useful technique/hack to keep your information flowing. Thanks Brian!

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